Universal periodic review

The universal periodic review (UPR) is a unique UN mechanism, through which the human rights situation of each member state is reviewed once every four and a half years. The review process primarily focuses on the extent of compliance and commitment of states and governments to human rights and aims to urge and encourage states to adhere to their duties. Furthermore, the UPR facilitates the presentation of pertinent questions and recommendations aimed at enhancing the human rights situation of the state.


This review addressed ten human rights related issues and violations in Yemen, accompanied by a set of suggested questions and recommendations to be presented to the Yemeni government during the universal periodic review session scheduled to be held in the middle of next year, 2024.

This review was submitted in partnership among:

Human Rights Agenda "HRA"

an independent NGO that defends human rights in Yemen by building collaboration within the human rights and civil society space, advocacy, documentation of Human Rights violations, and building the capabilities of organizations and workers on human rights. Human Rights Agenda is a catalyst that works in partnership with community-level, national, and international civil society to amplify our collective impact and realize the enjoyment of human rights for all.

Contact person: Nuha Al-Ariki – nalariki@humanrightsagenda.org

Association of Mothers of Abductees

a human Rights Yemeni-based organization. It was fundamentally formed by the mothers, wives, and female relatives of abductees and forcibly disappeared detainees, along with female human rights activists. The association’s main focus is the cause of abductees, detention-related abuses.

Contact person: Nuha Al-Ariki – nalariki@humanrightsagenda.org

Musaala for Human Rights

A Yemeni non-profit NGO defending and protecting human rights, through monitoring and documenting human rights violations, supporting and seeking redress for victims, and holding perpetrators accountable the parties responsible for violations in order to stop these violations and ensure non-repetition.

Contact person: Al- Husain Sowlan – hosawlan@musaala.org


Dhameer for Rights and Freedoms

A Yemeni Human rights organization based in Shabwah governorate. Dhameer defends human rights through documentation of human rights violations and advocating for victims’ rights.

Contact person: Nasir Al-Khulaifi – wwfg65@gmail.com 

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